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8 Week Lean and Mean Course

November 24, 2015


About Lean & Mean

The Taurus Trainer Lean & Mean course will help you lose weight, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and improve cardiovascular fitness. With short-burst bodyweight workouts, fat burning meals and having greater understanding of ‘how fat is used' this course does what is says.


Lose weight, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, improve cardiovascular fitness, gain strength, muscle balance and mental toughness while providing holistic benefit to everyday living and well-being.

Each week is broken down into training days (units) that involve a variety of exercise stimulus to the body.

This course is broken into seven periods called training blocks with workout methods that provide the benefits that are scientifically and practically proven. Week by week, you will see the effects that the various exercises have on your body. When you combine this exercise plan with the right nutrition plan, success is guaranteed.

Learning Modules

The Lean and Mean course come with a set of 10 Learning Modules (Total duration = 1:20:50 hr/min). These can be followed each week or you can binge watch the entire set of 10.

Each module caters for multiple learning styles and covers key topics for the course that as your Health Coach, I want you to know about and take on board with your training, diet and mindset.

  • WATCH on video and download as MOV to your PC or device.
  • LISTEN on Soundcloud and download as MP3. Handy for travelling.
  • READ the learning guide and download as a PDF to follow and take notes.

What do you get when you purchase a course?

  • Lifetime Membership: Website content and resources
  • Facebook Support: Private interaction within 24hrs
  • Download Materials: To listen, watch or read on or off-line. Suits multiple learning styles.
  • Recipe Plans and Meal Plans: Compiled and tested by a qualified Naturopath
  • Mindset Learning Material: Weekly learning modules tailored to your goals
  • Progressive Exercise Programs: All 4 Levels of 8-week exercise programs (32 weeks of programmed exercise)
  • Movement Coaching: Watch videos on how to perform movements and do workouts.
  • Print & Interactive Friendly: eBooks are presented with these features