Taurus Trainer exists to help everyday people get into extraordinary shape.

It is our dream to facilitate people to become the best versions of themselves and have fun in the process.

The Brand

The brand represents an ideal physical build and the need for natural strength and vitality to survive.

Inspiration comes from the majestic Spanish bull ‘Toro de Osborne’, renowned for its exceptional bravery and beauty. Below is one of the famous silhouettes in the hills as you drive through Spain, along with a picture of Steve running with the bulls in Pamplona in 2003, an art piece my (then girlfriend) wife Katharine brought back from her travels, and the logo inspired from the collective values and images.

About Steve Roberts


Mission Statement

Taurus Trainer provides health-conscious individuals with a premium, affordable and consistently effective online coaching service. I am a qualified and experienced fitness professional dedicated to helping others achieve improved quality of life. Using my knowledge and 15 years experience in the fitness and nutrition industry, I have produced and collated the Taurus Trainer content to ensure it maximises results and has long-term positive health impacts.

Core Values

Motivated, passionate, reliable, practical and real

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