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Being in a private setting allows you to be exposed to personal attention 100% of the time. It’s great if you prefer to exercise alone and want to optimise your health, training and results. I will train you at the correct intensity and technique, ensuring you get the best results. Plus, with such a diverse range of programs, you’ll always have fun and be constantly on your toes!. 

30,45 & 60 min sessions available.

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1-on-2, Up to 8 

Being in a semi-private group setting allows you to achieve more, by feeding off the support and desire of your trainer AND your peers. Research has proven that exercise programs that foster a sense of social belonging (in addition to motivation and efficacy) may be helpful for successful adherence and long-term behaviour change. 

30,45 & 60 min sessions available.

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A program to ensure individual accomplishment in a team environment!
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The human body has two different ages: a chronological age and a biological age. Chronological age refers to the actual time a human has been alive, while biological age refers to how old that human seems. The Bio Age test involves inputting data from my client's: Gender, Age, Ethnicity and taking Physical, Behavioural and Metabolic Tests to get the most accurate assessment of their overall health. Here is a short video about Bio age testing.

Case Study

Stellar Recruitment (12 Week Program) Results

Stellar Recruitment opted for Bio Age testing before and after 12 weeks package. Initial testing was in September with a follow-up in December 2016. Collectively they lost 39 years off their combined Chronological age which means that they are all younger than they actually are based on their results from the program.

Bio Age Testing

Paul Gardner – Managing Director and employees of Stellar Recruitment provide some feedback about WHY they did the #bioagetest and WHAT BENEFITS they each felt and achieved. Overall the team lost almost 40 years from their chronological ages.


10 Participants with the combined Chronological age of 256 (Ave. 28.4yrs) tested for Physical, Behavioural and Metabolic Tests on 13th Sept. Individuals were left to organise their own fitness and make changes to their health following initial consultation with myself and a full Bio age report indicating measures to make changes/improvements pertinent to the person.
Fast forward 11 weeks and the results show each person making health behaviour changes such as;

  • taking pre-packed meals to work to eat following lunch hour following a workout instead of buying lunch and using the lunch hour to eat
  • Increasing fat intake with fish, Avacado and nuts instead of snack food or V drinks for fast sugars
  • Volunteering to run a fitness session between group vs. not forming groups
  • Giving up alcohol for up to 6 weeks during the program
  • Each person improved on most of the markers (tests) which in turn lowered their previous #bioage scores.

After 11 weeks the team are a combined age of 217 (-39 years) and are an average age of 21. A younger, healthier team makes a great team.

Standard – Testing Battery



Expired Air FlowExpired Air Flow

The purpose of the lungs is to supply the muscles and tissues of the body with oxygen and to remove carbon dioxide and associated waste products. Ageing and damage from pollutants cause our lungs to lose their elasticity and become less efficient. The client performs 3 tests – record the best score.


Core Endurance (sec)

Core Endurance (sec)

The core muscles are important for the stability of the spine. As these are postural muscles, they are designed to be active for long periods in order to support the spine. Client assumes plank/prone hold position. Ensure body remains straight throughout. Stop test if client experiences back pain or deviates significantly from straight body position and enter time achieved.

Push Ups (reps)

Push-ups are a universally accepted test for upper body muscle strength and endurance, and we know that having muscles with good strength and endurance is important for the overall physical function later in life. Males perform full push-ups on toes. Females perform modified version on knees. Do as many as you can without stopping. If momentum is lost, the test stops.

Overhead Squat

The Overhead Squat is a very good ‘functional assessment’ in that it is an important movement for assessing mobility and stability of the entire body. To perform the assessment well, you need a full range of motion at all your major joints, as well as enough core stability to coordinate and perform the movement effectively. For the overhead squat, enter the number of faults.

Aerobic Fitness (VO2 max)

VO2max is the standard measure of cardiovascular fitness. It is the maximum amount of oxygen that the body can use during exercise. The test performed is the ‘Beep Test.


Smoking (per day)

The problems of smoking are increased if you have an unhealthy diet or have an inactive lifestyle, as both of these situations reduce the ability of the body to protect itself. If you have quit smoking in last 6 months, 1 is entered.


Alcohol (drinks/wk)

The recommended alcohol intake differs per country, but a reasonable guide for men is:
• No more than 4 standard drinks* per day and no more than 20 standard drinks per week.

A reasonable alcohol intake for women is:
• No more than 2 standard drinks* per day and no more than 14 standard drinks per week.


Most people have heard of the saying, ‘you are what you eat’. If you want to be in optimal health, you need to eat a healthy balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of nutrients. Results from the questionnaire will provide direction on your current nutrition intake.



The ‘Miller-Smith Lifestyle Assessment Inventory’ questionnaire that you completed, is a simple and accurate way of measuring stress by judging your responses to certain situations over the last few months. Results are from one of three sectors (low, average, high and extreme vulnerability).



Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing against the artery walls. It is greatest when the heart contracts (systolic pressure) and lowest when the heart is resting briefly between beats (diastolic pressure). Ensure client is well rested and relaxed. If they are on BP medication, then enter 140/90.


Body Composition (BMI)

Body Mass Index (a measure of your body density) and waist circumference (which gives an indication of abdominal fat), gives the best indication of risk for a host of serious chronic diseases, including Heart Disease, Stroke Cancer and Diabetes. BMI is automatically calculated from client details.

Waist Circumference – cm

For female waist measurement, use the narrowest point between the top of pelvis and ribs, for males use umbilicus. BioAge generates one result from both BMI and waist values. Emphasise clinical relevance (i.e. disease risk prediction) of this test to the client.

BioAge Standard Report

The report shows a comparison of your Chronological Vs. your Biological Age. The report on the left was a client who had poor food, exercise and behavioural choices. The report on the right is a person who makes healthy choices, exercises and manages stress so much so, that his Biological age in 6.5 years under his actual age. Armed with this initial test, the person on the left went about making significant changes to his lifestyle.

This version of the BioAge is designed to assess your BioAge by comparing your results on selected tests against normative values for certain subsets of the population. It also includes an assessment of Blood pressure and body composition and some tips for improving these results where applicable. This advice is designed to be used in consultation with your primary health-care provider.

The result from this test engages the brain to sit up and take notice to provide an emotional connection. The emotional connection that we all need is “WHY and WHAT IF”?

By taking traditional health and fitness information and presenting it in a manner that is meaningful to the client, engagement in behaviour change process becomes more likely – and when combined with behaviour change education and tools, the chances of a successful outcome are increased significantly.

Once it is connected the brain can then be lead on a behaviour change journey to a greater self-determination. Momentum is achieved through goal setting (which I do with my client) and regular feedback to build self-efficacy. Bio age helps me (the Health Coach) facilitate lasting changes to my clients and my success rate is high. It also makes for a great Outcome Goal and Team Challenge due to its tangibility.


Bio age testing is recommended for individuals, companies or teams to provide individual feedback to make changes on a personal level. Testing is recommended in combination with any Taurus Trainer Online Fitness Courses.