Our Courses

  • 8 Week Lean and Mean Course

    The Taurus Trainer Lean & Mean course will help you lose weight, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and improve cardiovascular fitness. With short-burst bodyweight workouts, fat burning meals and having greater understanding of ‘how fat is used' this course does what is says.

  • 8 Week Farm Hard Course

    The Taurus Trainer Farm Hard course will help you increase muscle mass, get toned, get stronger and improve anaerobic performance. If you are looking to build muscle and like training hard – this is for you!

  • 7 Week Strong Core Course

    The Taurus Trainer Strong Core course will help you increase core strength, develop a six pack, improve cardiovascular endurance for walking activities, give you stronger legs and improve your general flexibility for everyday activities.

More detail

What do you get?

  • Membership to website content and support for life
  • Meal and recipe plans compiled and tested by a qualified Naturopath
  • Learning modules tailored to your goals
  • Exercise eBooks for each level (8 weeks) of the programs (x4 = 32-weeks exercise programs)
  • Private Facebook group interaction
  • Unlimited Resources for reaching and maintaining your goals 

Types of programs

Taurus offers three on-line courses that are designed for people who don’t like gyms or can’t get to a gym, have little time to exercise or are not in the one place all of the time.


The exercise programs involve minimal equipment to enable people to do the required exercises in and around the home or office, avoiding expensive gym memberships and letting you work it into your lifestyle.

All levels

The exercise programs suit ALL levels from Beginner to Pro, allowing you to choose what suits your current abilities and goals.

Who Is It For?

Are you resourceful?

If the answer is YES…then you'll need to be able to adapt to whatever's around you to perform many of the exercise routines.

Get outdoors

You'll need to expose yourself to the elements and feel the fresh air.These courses are not designed for bodybuilders or those who prefer choreographed routines and/or having a personal trainer that counts your reps.

NOT for bodybuilders

These courses are not designed for bodybuilders or those who prefer choreographed routines and/or having a personal trainer that counts your reps.


Each course comes with an innovative series of weekly learning (training) modules which allow people to learn remotely in an online environment.


Research to practice

The real values of the courses are their step-by-step structure and their adoption of incremental improvements for participants from start to finish. Each new week involves a progressive overload on the previous week to increase fitness, strength and deliver immediate health benefits. Progressive and effective weekly training splits allow rest and recovery for fatigued muscles, ensuring real benefits without over-training. The science behind the programs is linked to improved performance, greater enjoyment and a resistance to boredom. The programs have proven effective for hundreds of clients, with varying levels of success.

Benefits – Feel better at your pace

The direct benefits include weight loss, improved muscle tone and fitness.

Taking on a fitness program can have enormous benefits. Increased fitness has been proven to save lives, reinvent oneself, overcome depression, reduce anxiety, help relationships, improve fertility, reduce stress, reduce weight, increase vitality, improve performance and enhance productivity. You will be a fitter and better version of yourself.

Increased fitness has been proven to;

  • save lives
  • reinvent oneself
  • overcome depression
  • reduce anxiety
  • help relationships
  • improve fertility
  • reduce stress
  • reduce weight
  • increase vitality
  • improve performance and enhance productivity

You will be a fitter and better version of yourself

These step-by-step courses guide you on what to do and how to do it.

Each course delivers a cross section of benefits with an emphasis on; losing fat, gaining strength and mass, improving fitness, and strengthening your core and back.

Each course has beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro levels.

Recorded Improvements

  • >20cm waistline reduction
  • > 10kg Weight Loss
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Leg tone and upper body strength
  • Core, lower back and abdominal strength