10 Key Elements For A Successful Remote Health Program

January 5, 2017

Improved business reputation, corporate image and competitive advantage are all important benefits of workplace health promotion. Taurus Health & Lifestyle Program can deliver a multi-level and acclaimed service that is a key capability for your organisation. A CASE FOR EMPLOYEE HEALTH AND WELLBEING Until now, many of the measures taken by employers to improve workplace […]

Set Yourself Up for An Epic 2018 – 5 Simple Steps

December 29, 2016

EVERYONE, please note that December is a great time for strategically setting yourself up for the highest levels of success in January (and beyond). You may be taking a holiday or in the middle of reassessing your goals for the new year. In the most simple terms, those who coast into the New Year are […]

Men’s Health Report & Avoid Stumbling Blocks

Read the findings in a report on the MEN’S HEALTH survey from 51 men earlier this month to find out about what makes them ticked off and tick, thanks, men. You’ll also learn 5 Tips to Avoid Stumbling Blocks that embrace tech and 5 Simple coaching tips to Set Yourself Up for An EPIC 2017. […]

Never Ever Give Up

December 25, 2016

Never ever give up on yourself or your goals. My personal ? boxing training footage and conditioning?? that shows you the mental edge needed to overcome any challenge. Don’t give up on your dreams and I won’t let you and neither will www.taurustrainer.com #neverevergiveup #rememberwhoyoupromise #dontquit #ThisIsMyWorld #EsterlyftAustinJenckes Thanks for sharing.

3 Training Tips To Burn Fat & Save Time

December 20, 2016

One of the most common answers (or excuses) people make for not exercising is the lack of time. In this blog; I introduce 3 simple training tips to help burn fat and save time by increasing efficiency rather than merely increasing workout lengths. TIP 1 – Use Compound Movements Exercises can be classified either as […]