March 25, 2017

With Autumn already cooling off the days, I thought this post may be useful as we all know it’s easy to forget about drinking water as the hotter days start turning to cold. Download a FREE hydration poster FACT Safe drinking water is essential to humans and other life forms. On average, water can be […]

Snap, Crackle, and Pop Your Arms Like HERCULES

March 4, 2017

    A person’s arms say a lot about how hard they work in or out of the gym. Stronger and bigger ‘guns’ means you are able to lift more and have a higher chance of converting this into greater performance at whatever you do i.e. sport, work, home chores and injury management. Use this […]

How To TURN Life Around In Just 8-Weeks

February 22, 2017

With the anxious wait to publish my online courses before Christmas 2016 and see the real benefits which I hypothesised would happen as a result of ‘doing’, I was in complete admiration and proud of the efforts by the first person to purchase and finish the program. Enter Dean Garside A 45-year-old dad, husband and a […]

More Love. Less Handles Valentine’s Day 2-4-1 Special

February 11, 2017

Do you love your sweetheart enough to put down the chocolates and pick up the weights? In honour of Valentine’s Day, Taurus Trainer is offering couples two courses for the price of one (2-4-1) special when you purchase any course until Midnight 14th February. In addition to increasing your heart rate, breaking a sweat in […]