Gyms WILL Have To Specialize

January 12, 2018

The Cost of Being Fit report conducted by the Suncorp Bank detailed the average spending of Australian households on fitness-related items, with the average Australian investing close to $75 a month on health and fitness. [1] Two-thirds of Australians are now either overweight or obese, according to the Heart Foundation. The foundation has also published […]

Is An Easy Life Making YOU FAT, Lazy and Awkward?

December 8, 2017

The whingeing Millennials the editor calls the “snowflake” generation, meet each other online, prefer to converse via instant messaging rather than actually talking,and spend more time posting their experiences on FB and Instagram than actually living them. According to the Australian Medical Association, today’s 20-somethings might be the first generation in history to suffer reduced […]

4 Tips On Self Improvement

November 25, 2017

1. Never Fear ?? There’s never a perfect moment to do something. You must create the perfect moment. There will always be a more fun and comfortable alternative to that fear of failure. 2. Look Beyond What You See ? Imagine a fitter version of yourself, each time that voice in your head says it’s […]

Hack Your Biology

April 16, 2017

Why hack your biology? Millions of people are hacking their biology to experience suffering. Pain is on the forefront of the experience, that the obstacle courses and boot camps out there are catering for now. How did pain become a luxury good? Can it be that there is a specific sort of pain that can […]

Get Fitter in 7 Minute or Less

April 4, 2017

New research suggests it is possible to improve some measures of fitness with just 3 minutes of exercise a week using one single bout (one round) of the High-Intensity Training (HIT) program protocol below. But first, let’s uncover some core truths about exercise so you are not misguided about what else you can do to […]