Steve trains and coaches dedicated men and women to become stronger, faster, leaner and healthier using his Taurus Trainer formula.

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He has 20 years’ experience in the health industry with qualifications in Human Movement, Education and Conditioning.

The Taurus Trainer services pull from his experience in personal training, strength and conditioning, team building, elite sport, education, adventuring challenges, health promotion and lifestyle management for multiple industries and age groups.

He has a true passion for teaching, inspiring and helping people which are reflected in everything he does.


An exceptional performer, Steve has won awards and recognition for his contributions towards community health and non-profit organisations.

He has also a columnist for travel and transport magazines. As an athlete, Steve understands the importance of good health and its link to performance. He’s played over 200 games of rugby in four countries and is a professional boxer. He has also written and delivered ‘short course’ weight loss and strength eBooks during his career as a health professional.

About Taurus Trainer