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Gyms WILL Have To Specialize

January 12, 2018

The Cost of Being Fit report conducted by the Suncorp Bank detailed the average spending of Australian households on fitness-related items, with the average Australian investing close to $75 a month on health and fitness. [1]

Two-thirds of Australians are now either overweight or obese, according to the Heart Foundation. The foundation has also published findings showing that the average weight of Australian men has increased by 6.5kg (to 85.9kg) and the average weight of Australian women by 5.7kg (now 71.1kg). There are more fitness facilities, and more obesity: what’s going on?

An Ibis World Market research report valued the current Australian fitness industry alone at $1.3 billion dollars, but that might be significantly reduced in the years to come according to papers written by industry bodies and insurers.

Globo gyms will be a thing of the past

It is predicted that commercial ‘Globo gyms' will be a thing of the past. Exclusive sites for specialist training such as yoga, Olympic lifting and bodybuilding will still exist, but due to a faster availability of information and ineffective exercise fads, people will resort to simpler forms of training.
Emerging trends such as bodyweight training and primal movement patterns are enabling a halfway point to be reached between strength training and functional training with less dependence on gyms.

SOME Public places are providing suspension trainers and guidance for easier and more available access. I took these photo's of an outdoor gym in Nixon Park in the suburb of Oxley, QLD just to show you what a health-conscious council must provide to help people become more healthy and offer more than just ‘gyms' as the answer to our obesity epidemic.

And with the evolution of fitness technology; fitness trackers, apps and YouTube videos will see people becoming more capable of working out away from instructors and trainers. Specialists will still be in demand, but won’t hold your hand and pamper you. The technology of the future will help you to up-skill your fitness knowledge for better results.
ALSO, Gyms are the first place people go for a health kick, but they’re the last place they see results, thanks to the lack of after-sales service and support. Take advantage of emerging online fitness communities to educate yourself.  If your tech is likely to motivate you in the future it’s worth doing a short introductory online fitness course to educate yourself about what works and what doesn’t. That way you’ll be able to be rewarded by being able to separate the Fair Dinkum from the Fakers.