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Get A Grip: 6 Exercises To Increase Forearm Strength

April 2, 2017

In today’s modern society, most of us rely on machinery and computers to do our lifting and any strenuous work, so it’s easy to become weak, especially if we don't engage the muscles in the area's we need when it comes time for resistance training.

Australia was forged on hard work and toughness, which built strong and resilient people during the early Great World Wars and the Depression years. I’d be forgiven if I said that we are ‘weaker’ than our forefathers.

We have become so weak, that we get a little bit upset if our coffee is too cold or has too much froth. We get bothered because we have to park further away from the entrance of the shopping centre. Some people complain because they can't sit down if they are forced to wait for something. If someone gets' a blister, they post it on Instagram and hashtag #hard. That's not hard and I'm sure if our caveman forbearers saw us in our daily acceptable routine's of bitching, they would just shake their heads at each other, nod at each other to agree what their next move was and just go CLONK! 

If we admit that we (men and women) have some catching up to do and lessons to learn and we have the tools, we have the advice, then there is simply no excuse for having a weak body when it comes to putting in your pound of flesh around the house, in the gym or for physical work when it comes time to doing something out of our normal activities.

To help give you tips on building a stronger frame, here are some great exercises that work your forearms and give you excellent lower arm strength for other major muscle movements that contribute to an overall stronger body.

6 Exercises To Increase Forearm Strength To Blast The Competition Using ICT Method


Use an Interval Circuit Training (ICT) method for this routine.

ICT involves three (3) sets per exercise with 10-20 reps per set or 30 seconds' in this instance and a 2 Minute interval time for each set. Continue to start and finish each set at 2-minute intervals throughout the workout.

This is a great method to burn fat as it gives allows you only a short time to complete the exercises with strict tempo and incentivises you to complete on time to be rewarded with some much-needed rest.


Stage I: Using the ICT method Complete 30 seconds for exercise 1,2 & 3 without rest between (i.e. circuit) each exercise.

Try and finish at 1.30 min on the dot, giving you 30 seconds' rest. 

At 2 minutes, complete the second set until you have completed 30 seconds of exercise 1,2 and 3 again.

Rest 30 seconds or until the clock reaches 4 minutes.

When completed Stage I, take just 60 seconds rest before moving onto Stage II.

Stage II: Complete in similar fashion to Stage I

More Information:

Using the clock: Start the stop clock at the beginning and then work until you reach either the set reps or failure and rest for the remaining of the 2-minute interval. The first set begins at 0 minutes (do reps), the second begins at 2 minutes and the third begins at 4 minutes and so on. Unilateral exercises like; One Legged Squat should be done one side at a time unless it is an alternating movement. If required to perform more sets, rest for a required time and start the routine again until all sets are completed.

Variations: If you don't have the equipment for one or some of these exercises, I have provided some variation exercises that hit the same muscle groups. Most of the exercise equipment needed from the variations should be in most modern gyms.



Muscles Worked



Stage I

1. Farmers Walk Core and Forearms Plate Pinch
2. Static Halfway Pull Up Hold Forearms, Lats & Biceps Bottoms-Up Clean From The Hang Position
3. Tyre Pulls Forearms, Glutes and Hamstrings Barbell Deadlift

Stage II

4. Tyre Slams Core and Forearms Backward Medicine Ball Throw
5. Rope Climb Latissimus dorsi, biceps, triceps, posterior deltoids, minorly your pecs, abs & obliques. Bent Over Barbell Row
6. Side to side Pull-ups Latissimus dorsi, biceps and forearms Seated One-arm Cable Pulley Rows

Try this program every week as a conditioning top up to your normal workout or use it as a stand-alone program 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, replace at least 2 of the 6 exercises and increase the set time for each exercise to 40 seconds and total stage time to 2.30 min.

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